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Take Six with Grammy Producer "Earl Powell"

Take Six Q & A of six personal questions with celebrities in the Fashion, Beauty, and Entertainment industry who are dancing to the tune of their own beat while staying true to self. 

 Take Six with Grammy Producer "Earl Powell"

Take 6ix Q1. Grammy Award Producer Earl Powell AKA "Trillionaire Earl" before I truly dive in what does the word "Trillionaire" represent for your brand at Eptone Productions/Roksta Music

A. Trillionaire means going beyond what the naysayers think isn't possible. Trillionaire represents GREATNESS! 


Take 6ix reply: Gifted answer and why I must now give you a Hi-Five and "Congratulations" on the single “Woman to Woman” you produced for Keyshia Cole. I know you're excited that “Woman to Woman” could be the next release on the album.  In addition Keyshia selecting the song as the cover title for her November 2012 album release. Take 6ix readers you have an opportunity to listen to the song in addition to place your vote for "Woman to Woman" to be the next single release from Keyshia Cole album.

Behind the scenes peek to Keyshia Cole previewing track
 “Woman to Woman” 
Co-Produced & Co-Written by Earl Powell

Take 6ix Q2. As a music producer your energy and spirit is extremely soothing. How does that humbleness translate when creating with an artist who requires a push?
A. As a creative talent I'm very aggressive yet passionate when working with artist's. The one thing that's understood while working is: I /We want the best possible recording. 
Take 6ix Q3. Keyshia Cole quoted to Essence Magazine in a past issue "Sometimes other people feel like they know what's best for you. But I know where I want to be… I work so hard to represent myself well; for me to let anyone else drive my vehicle beside God, it's like, no." (ESSENCE, October 2007). I respect her forwardness, determination, and her passion to be the leading force to her vehicle of success. Having that spirit has definitely place Mrs. Cole-Gibson in the right VIP spot. Please share some words of wisdom for an artist, musician, or producer who is struggling to get that one shot?
A. In this business, it's a marathon not a sprint. You have to allow yourself enough time to saturate your market place. Getting to know the right people and being prepared at all times. When working with artist from a producer's point of view, you should never try and change an artist when they have a direction that's working. You should embrace that and build on it.

Take 6ix Q4. Earl, you have also been blessed to work with the amazingly talented actress, singer, mother, and philanthropist "Jennifer Hudson" I believe this is what set-up your Grammy Award status. Please share your part in this life changing accomplishment to your craft and how adding Grammy Award Producer can push open doors beyond your wildest dreams.

A. Working with Jennifer was a Blessing! We started working after "American Idol", and she's the best in and out the studio. The song we did is called "Stand Up" at the time we had over a Million hits on Myspace. In the music industry that's a big deal. The Grammy status is a great blessing especially in this case. History was made, first African American "FEMALE" to win a "Oscar" and a “Grammy" the first time out the gate. No one has ever done that! So I humbly embrace the historical part of that, as opposed to my own satisfaction.
Take 6ix Q5. Share six artists you've enjoyed creating magical music for and one word that exemplifies who they are?
A. Jennifer Hudson, KeyshiaCole, LaTocha Scott, (Xscape), Felony (Public Announcement), and Slique. These artists have a “Unique” Vibe that make you want to produce.
Take 6ix Q6. The music industry doesn't always shine a bright light on some artists. Would you agree that what you see isn't always what you get... As a well diverse R & B producer who's light is centered on God first, what is your recommendation for an upcoming artist to have that triple threat presence while maintaining longevity in this industry without selling your soul? 

A. First off, thanks for asking that question. I believe in order to maintain who you are in this business, you Must have "JESUS" What profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul? I think you'll find that most people in this business started out in the "Church". Staying grounded and not letting the hype and the illusion of the business will keep you from selling out. Although I love nice things, that's not the reason I got into this game. I do this for the love, I just want to continuing fulfilling and embracing my God giving gift while reaching his promise of Greatness.
Take 6ix. Earl you are absolutely a humble individual with a fire that ignites magical words that touches your inner soul. To know you is a blessing and I wish you continued success as you move forward in the industry. As you say the "foundation of this industry is to stay grounded for than the blessings will be bestowed upon you." We look forward to more Grammy Award music and hopefully hearing Eptone Productions/Roksta Music work on the big screen. 
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